Lincolnshire Wolds
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Tetford in Lincolnshire: St Mary's

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A place of worship has stood on the site of the Church of St. Mary for over 900 years. The present building erected in the 14th. century had a tower added in 15th. century. Inside is a memorial to Captain Edward Dymoke who was the champion of George II. His helmet and breastplate are above the tablet high on the arch high up to on the right hand side of the main worship area.

St Mary'sSt Mary'sSt Mary'sSt Mary's

To the Memory of Captain Edward DymokeInscription reads:
To the Memory of Captain Edward Dymoke, cousin of Lewis Dymoke of Scrivelsby. Champion to King George 2nd. Interred March 5th 1749 also John Dymoke Gent, nephew of the above. Interred July 23rd. 1748. Also of Mrs. Jane Dymoke his wife, Interred July 27th. 1745.

Tetford and Salmonby Scarecrow Festival