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Joy Pitt - Storyteller

Joy Pitt - Storyteller

10th & 11th November – The Story of the Five Travellers by Tales From the Heartwood

Tales From the HeartwoodWhat can a Carpenter, a Jeweler, a Wig Maker, a Linen Weaver and a Priest possibly have in common?

Tales From The Heartwood present the “The Five Travellers”, a wonderful performance of interwoven stories.

‘The Five Travellers’ is about two and a half hours of storytelling suitable for adults and children from the age of seven upwards.

Set in a medieval forest, ‘The Five Travellers’ is a set of stories within a story. We follow the story of the priest, wig maker, jeweler, linen weaver and carpenter, as each one tells their own story, building up to an unexpected twist at the end.

joyTales From The Heartwood is a small storytelling company, who specialize in Folk Tales and Fairy Tales from around the world. They tell stories in schools, festivals and multi-cultural evenings. With a large repertoire, and a great amount of experience, Tales From The Heartwood present their work with great style and skill.

-> book at the Broadbent Theatre Broadbent Theatre, Snarford Road, Wickenby, Lincolnshire LN3 5AW UK
Box Office 0300 400 0101

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Established as a storyteller, Joy offers performance storytelling for children and adults of all ages, with her main focus being multicultural stories and world citizenship

She has told stories in health centers, nurseries, schools and colleges, out of school clubs, in libraries, hospices, prisons and supermarkets, pubs, clubs, theatre, women's centers, festivals at home and abroad, to the extreme elderly, new born babies and children and adults with special needs, and at weddings and funerals!

Her work in schools is extensive and is tailored to suit all key stages. She is happy to work with teachers to suit their individual requirements and projects.

Joy is also a community artist and can offer a range of art and craft and storytelling workships and courses to all age ranges and abilities. Her special interests are working with children and their families and elderly people.