Lincolnshire Wolds
Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in UK

Church Farm Trail

A purpose built area designed to welcome visitors to Church Farm.

Withern CottageWithern Cottage
A wonderful example of a Lincolnshire "mud and stud" thatched cottage. It was moved from the nearby village of Withern, re-erected on site and opened in 1982. It is simply furnished to give an insight to the living conditions of an agricultural labourer in the late 18th century. The well established cottage garden is stocked with traditional shrubs and flowers.

Imagine the sight and hear the cows in the stalls waiting to be milked. See the fascinating displays of implements and machinery relating to Lincolnshire livestock such as the Longwool Sheep, Red Poll cattle and the Curly Coat pig. Find out about 'gripping pipes' and 'mud slights' in the drainage section.

Little Barn
Leading from the drainage section is the Little Barn; featuring a photographic display and information of agricultural life through the ages.

Horses provided much of the power on the farm. Hearing the sounds, smelling the straw and leather evoke a vivid picture of those wonderful animals.

Across the yard, step inside the Farmhouse. The building is dated around 1760 with 19th century additions. It has been furnished to the period 1900-1910. The kitchen retains a working coal fire range where baking is regularly demonstrated. Rooms such as the pantry, parlour, nursery and bedroom are set out as if the occupier has just stepped outside for a moment. It all contributes towards that "lived in" feeling that makes visitors feel so at home when they explore Church Farm.

Wash House
Call in at the wash house with Dolly tubs, mangles and irons.....hear about washday before the days of the automatic washing machine!

Orchards and Gardens
A variety of traditional Lincolnshire apple trees populate this area. Herbs and ground cover plants hug the front garden of the farmhouse.

At the bottom of the orchard nestles an octagonal summerhouse. It started life as a small pavilion at Skegness Cricket Ground but now attractively blends in as a convenient rest area.

Church Farm MuseumWorkshops
Leaving the orchard to the right are the village workshops of the Blacksmith and Wheelwright, hear the sound of the hammer on the anvil and see the displays of the tools of their trade; then onto the Plumber and Tinsmith and discover a little about the farm pump.

Lincolnshire Livestock
Behind Havenhouse Barn a path leads to the paddock where a small flock of Lincolnshire Longwool sheep can be found. The Longwool is classified as a Rare Breed and is blessed with a distinctive fleece. Its numbers are now fortunately on the increase. It is planned to introduce other livestock breeds to keep the sheep company.

Boothby Barn
This timber framed building is the latest addition to the Church Farm Museum complex. It was dismantled and moved from its previous site at nearby Welton le Marsh, to be re-erected here. It was first opened to the public in March 1998, and now houses a Hornsby Traction Engine and Threshing Drum.

Havenhouse Barn and Waggon Hovel
Retracing the route leads to the entrance of this magnificent brick barn and adjacent Waggon Hovel. Wheeled farm vehicles can be seen sheltering in the Hovel. Stairs leading up from ground level towards an education room available to school groups.
Havenhouse Barn itself has two floors. Upstairs is a temporary exhibition gallery which hosts a variety of different exhibitions, ensuring there is always something new to experience. Downstairs is set aside as a refreshment area, where light snacks are prepared and served by the Friends of Church Farm Museum throughout the Summer.
Complete the trail by returning to the shop to purchase a gift or souvenir of your visit, from the variety on display.

FarmhouseVisitor Information
Groups and Bookings
The museum site can cope with large parties of people at any one time, however, we encourage group leaders to ring us prior to their visit. The Museum will be pleased to assist in making your visit a memorable one through friendly advice and answering your enquiries. There are special discount rates for group bookings. Open evenings and refreshments can be arranged. Please telephone for further details.

School visits
Many schools use the Museum for specific projects and participate in a number of organised Activity Days. The Museum indeed lends itself towards being used as a base for GCSE and National Curriculum coursework. Work sheets are available. Special discount admission rates apply. Please ring for further details.

There is a sizeable parking area provided free for our visitors. It comfortably accommodates both cars and coaches.
Refreshments: Teas and snacks are served with a smile by the Friends of Church Farm Museum, please ring for opening times.

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