Lincolnshire Wolds
Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in UK

Calceby - deserted village in Lincolnshire

There are many remains of deserted villages in Lincolnshire. There are impressions in the ground which are the remnants of streets, cottages and ditches. eg. Skendleby and Calceby.

Grass covered earth show the sites of ancient villages. Calceby ('Calesbi') was once a thriving village in the thirteenth century. It had its own church called St. Andrew's. The chalk interior of some of the main walls are still there and a few of the exterior stones are remain in place. Much of the stone was probably used in other buildings in the area.

CalcebyCalcebySt . Andrews Church in Calceby.

St. Andrew'sSt. Andrew'sCalceby Beck
St . Andrews Church in Calceby. The last service to be held in St. Andrews was in 16924

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