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Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance

The aircraft is equipped to the same high standard as other Road Ambulances.

Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air AmbulanceWhen the alert call comes through the pilot goes directly to the aircraft to start the engines. By the time the medics reach the aircraft and strap themselves in, the aircraft is ready for take off. The response time from call to aircraft being airborne is just over two minutes.

When airborne the air crew assist the pilot with navigation and look out for any hazards. The pilot selects the best landing point at an incident.

While the medics are dealing with the incident the pilot will bring any other equipment they may require and also prepare the aircraft for accepting a patient if the casualty is to be airlifted. Ambulance Control are informed in advance of the patient's condition and the destination hospital so that they may warn the receiving hospital to prepare their helicopter landing site.

The flight time of a patient from an incident to the nearest hospital with suitable facilities takes, on average, six minutes.

The MD 902 Explorer is a " new generation" twin engined helicopter ideally suited to the Air Ambulance role.

The MD Explorer has many advantages in terms of patient care. With a maximum speed of 154mph, a maximum range of 296 miles and endurance of nearly three hours, the aircraft is be able to operate effectively over Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

The large payload means that weight can be carried without adversely affecting performance. This could include increased patient weight, extra medical equipment or additional personnel.

The cabin provides access to the patient in flight and space for medical equipment. The large cabin area allows extra aircrew to be carried when required and two extra seats are available for medical staff or relatives.

The aircraft has a special tilt/slide stretcher and large sliding doors on each side thus enabling the aircrew to load and unload the patient more easily.

The Explorer has many important safety features including enhanced visibility, high set engines which greatly reduce any danger from exhaust and a main rotor that is set 9ft above the ground, well above head height.

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